commercial and residential real estate lawyers illinois

Experienced real estate attorneys qualified to provide the most effective legal services in areas of land use, development and acquisition

Our attorneys have worked in both the private and public real estate sector, making them uniquely qualified to provide the most effective service in areas of land use and real estate. We offer counseling and advisory services to assist clients in successfully navigating the intricate process of development property with an understanding of the complexities that often arise.

With years of experience, our attorneys are familiar with government contracting, land use entitlement, and legislative decision-making processes. We work with our clients to support their goals, and our services span all aspects and stages of the land use entitlement process including, but not limited to, general and community plan amendments, zoning, development agreements, conditional use and discretionary development permits, real estate tax appeals, government agency interfacing, and legislative advocacy. Our attorneys provide guidance in securing permits and other approvals from numerous public agencies including local municipalities, counties, regional decision-making bodies, as well as state and federal agencies.

Our firm also assists with residential real estate sales, purchases and other transactions. The advice from our trusted attorneys helps to ensure that both sellers and homebuyers alike remain informed and confident throughout the process.