We have been representing and defending workers’ compensation matters for over four decades

Our firm represents numerous clients – municipal, school and other entities and individuals – in workers’ compensation matters and has been engaged for over four decades, handling all claims from the date of injury through the highest levels of litigation.  We are primarily on the defense side of matters on behalf of the employer but have also represented petitioners.  From the employer side, our approach to workers’ compensation claims is simple – return the employee to work as quickly as possible when a claim is compensable, defend and limit all benefits when claims are questionable, and deny and defend all non-compensable claims.  We take a proactive approach to workers’ compensation claims by identifying the issues, compensability, and potential exposure.  We then set forth a plan to resolve the claim efficiently and in the most cost-effective manner possible.

The majority of worker’s compensation defense work by the firm is before the Chicago branch of the IWCC, with our worker’s compensation attorneys also arguing before the Worker’s Compensation Appellate Division on numerous occasions.  We have experience in handling claims throughout Illinois and have handled claims at every level of the IWCC through the Appellate Court. This includes handling an extensive number of arbitrations, petitions for review, and appeals to both the Circuit and Appellate Courts.  Our workers’ compensation attorneys have a vast network of Section 12 physicians, vocational counselors, utilization review physician’s and MSA vendors.